RLS Consulting, Management consultants on Labour Laws, offers services in the western belt of India, mainly, Maharashtra and Gujarat States. The firm is an active member of EPILPA (E.S.I., P.F. & OTHER INDUSTRIAL LAW PRACTITIONERS' ASSOCIATION) the association of administration of labour laws in India.

The company specializes in Consulting, Administration, Audit and Training for labour related legislation in India. Consulting: If you are on the verge of expansion and would like to build an environment that boosts cordial employer-employee relationship or if you are exploring the possibility of venturing in India and would like us to advice you on compliance of the statutes, you may contact us as experts and we’ll be glad to be at your assistance. Administration: In the present industrial development scenario, employee welfare administration, wage administration, payroll processing, state-wise compliance of statutes, lead to organizational growth. As specialists, we implement the procedures exactly as dynamically directed by the statutes.

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